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About The EnergyLink

The EnergyLink is the premier partner for Energy Procurement Services for Multi-Family Portfolios, Commercial Industries and Home Builders.

The EnergyLink Mission

At The EnergyLink, our goal is to provide a high-level, fully customized experience for every customer. We aim to deliver great results using thoughtful strategies to improve efficiencies and make you more effective. Because we take the time to understand your business objectives, we are confident that we can deploy energy risk management tactics and software product solutions that save you money and improve your current processes.

Our energy procurement business professionals have more than 100 years of combined experience in all facets of the energy industry, and we guarantee that you’ll have a unique opportunity to aggregate usage, drive operational efficiencies and impact the bottom line by implementing cost saving measures that truly make a difference.

We want to work with you to manage your contracts and control your costs.

Our Core Values

We want to help your business start climbing the Ladder. We are committed to listening to your needs, making necessary adjustments based on information and delivering quality results in a timely manner.

Our team is dedicated to monitoring and offering industry insight to ensure the most competitive rates and continuous improvements to oursoftware. In order to server you better, we are always ready to adjust. LISTENING ADJUSTMENTS DELIVERY We use discovery sessions to truly understand client objectives. We want to work with you to establish a plan for complete energy solutions, improved processes and reduced costs. Because we respect those goals and value your investment, we guarantee deliverables in a timely manner.

The EnergyLink is the premier partner for Energy Procurement Services for Multi-Family Portfolios, Commercial Industries, and Home Builders.


Our Process

Baseline analysis

We analyze your utility bills (electric and gas) to find lower tariff rates, billing errors, sales tax exemptions and over charges.

Strategic plan

We will identify these opportunities on your behalf, make appropriate changes and adjustments that will save you money monthly, and file for any possible refunds to maximize your audit results.

Perform RFPs and negotiate the most competitive rates

Each RFP comes with detailed Scorecard cost comparisons and information to help our customers make informed decisions. Our focus is to improve the Net Operating Income of your property, making it more profitable and increasing its value.

Monitor and adjust

Constantly monitoring trends to ensure the most competitive rates and enhanced software features.

Identify efficiency solutions for other facets of your business – ContractLink

The EnergyLink’s proprietary software solutions gives properties the ability to effectively manage unlimited contracts, both energy and ancillary. Quickly and easily store, search and filter your critical documents and share them securely between asset managers when doing acquisitions and dispositions.