Energy Management Service Specialists

Serving Multi-Family Properties & More

The EnergyLink serves as Energy Service Specialists for 3 primary customer segments, but our services could help any business owner or property manager looking to keep their energy costs down. We provide energy procurement solutions and contract management for multi-family properties, commercial properties and homebuilders. Get The EnergyLink on your side!

Multi-Family Portfolios

The EnergyLink helps achieve and maintain energy savings for your Multi-Family Portfolios.

Commercial Properties

We take the complexity out of Energy Procurement for your Commercial Buildings & Properties.

Home Builders

No one fights harder for better energy rates for Home Builders than The EnergyLink.

What Can The EnergyLink Do for You?

Energy Procurement

Property management professionals in deregulated energy markets are tasked with the selection of optimal rates and terms or energy procurement. The helpful experts at The EnergyLink monitor industry trends and provide market insight to help professionals find the best rates and make informed decisions.

Our team will be with you from start to finish, performing due diligence on all utility-related costs, analysis of usage all the way through negotiating new rates. Clients can check RFP status and the timeline of projects with the insight provided using our custom software.

Expertise You Need from Energy Service Specialists You Trust

Thoughtful Strategies from our Experts

The EnergyLink’s procurement solutions, give us the power to negotiate reduced energy rates in deregulated markets, and give you the ability to capitalize on proven cost-saving strategies. Our energy specialists actively monitor the market, searching for opportunities to maximize savings that directly benefit our customers. We help to balance your need for cost savings with your tolerance for risk in the marketplace.

Sustainability Solutions

Companies nationwide are realizing the benefits that sustainability programs bring to their properties. First, sustainability improvements are financially smart. Large cost savings can be realized when utility usage decreases at properties. Second, there is a large, positive environmental impact when your property becomes more sustainable. And finally, an energy efficient property is attractive to your customers. They will save money, and so will you.

Tried & True Track Record

The EnergyLink team has more than 100 years of combined experience negotiating energy rates and performing market analyses for customers, saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. Each RFP comes with detailed cost comparisons and information to help clients make informed decisions. Our focus is to improve the Net Operating Income of your property, making it more profitable and increasing its value.

Comprehensive Analysis & Energy Audits

We analyze your utility bills (electric and gas) to find lower tariff rates, billing errors and over charges. We will identify these opportunities on your behalf, make appropriate changes and adjustments that will save you money monthly, and file for any possible refunds to maximize your audit results. Our highly effective audit process requires no upfront investment of money, time or effort – and can produce thousands of dollars in refunds and future savings for your portfolio.

Contract Management

The EnergyLink’s proprietary software solutions gives properties the ability to effectively manage unlimited contracts, both energy related and ancillary. Quickly and easily store, search and filter your critical documents and share them securely between assets managers. To learn more about ContractLink schedule a demo today!

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