Our team

Energy Service Specialists

You simply won’t find more qualified, diligent Corporate Energy Specialists than the team of professionals at The EnergyLink.

The EnergyLink Leadership & Sales Team

Our energy procurement and contract management specialists have more than 100 years of combined experience in all facets of energy procurement, energy risk management and the SaaS software industry. Each with a varied background and specialized area of expertise, we work together to customize solutions for multi-family portfolios, commercial locations, new homebuilders and more. We understand how energy pricing can dramatically impact your business, and we recognize the importance of keeping those expenses controlled.

The EnergyLink team wants to be your premier partner for managing energy procurement and providing software solutions for more efficient contract management. Allow us to introduce ourselves.

Darren Novich

Chief Executive Officer

Darren is an experienced energy professional with nearly 20 years in the global energy trading and energy scheduling market. As leader of The EnergyLink, his expertise is not only uncovering the most competitive products industry wide but providing solutions to uncommon energy risk issues. If there’s an exception in the industry or an upcoming trend, Darren is able to forecast it and find opportunities.

A former member of the United States Air Force and University of Florida alum, Darren has brokered deals for Infinite Energy, Catalyst Energy and other major players in the energy and natural gas markets. As CEO at The EnergyLink, he works hand in hand with the sales and operations team to ensure customers are first and the company focus is reducing costs and creating efficiencies. Darren Novich is considered one of the premier Corporate Energy Service Specialists in the global energy community.

Jim Charles

Chief Operations Officer

As COO at The EnergyLink, Jim aligns SaaS technology and corporate strategy to anticipate, shape, and improve customer facing software platforms like ContractLink. With more than 30 years of software experience, he is an expert in leading and managing strategic plans, software products, new product development and product launches especially within the contract management platform.

Previously, as COO of RealPage, Jim transformed engineering and operations into scalable business units, thus he has a unique understanding of client needs and the planning necessary to achieve their objectives. Under his leadership, RealPage grew from a $32M a year private SaaS company to a public company with over $900M+ in annual revenue. At The EnergyLink, he provides unique industry insight at the same time as establishing partnerships with larger clients. His expertise is essential to creating the customer roadmap and implementing strategic plans that yield measurable results.

Catherine Hanick

VP of Sales & Director of Account Management

As a critical piece of The EnergyLink client development team, Catherine specializes in energy procurement strategies for multi-family properties. Her more than 20 years in this area of energy risk and account management makes her an ace at uncovering opportunities for cost savings and identifying ways to improve the efficiency and organization of property managers.

Brittney Williams

VP of Sales

The newest member of The EnergyLink team brings the fastest growing line of business to the company. Brittney’s client development focus is on homebuilders and new construction. With so many contracts and vendors to organize, the potential for contract management software in addition to utility management solutions for homebuilders is endless. Brittney’s experience and expertise in this growing market is supreme.

Jeremy Roggenkamp

Operations Manager

Jeremy has been involved the deregulated natural gas and electricity market for nearly 19 years. As Operations Manager at The EnergyLink, he manages the day-to-day operations and SaaS product development. His attention to detail and project management background help to deliver customer satisfaction on time, every time.

Emily Thacher

Client Account Manager

Emily is a critical part of the customer success team at The EnergyLink. She is on the frontline as a customer service resolution expert for energy procurement and contract management. With more than 15 years in account management, Emily is able to quickly identify customer needs and provide timely solutions to ensure a positive experience. Her background includes 10 years in the multi-family property industry, making her helpful and knowledgeable in the areas of RFPs and vendor contract management.

The EnergyLink Operations Team

Kathy Baker

Operations Specialist

As an Operations Specialist at The EnergyLink, Kathy actively maintains the company’s ERP (Enterprise RFP Planning software), files energy contracts, e-filing as well as researches and produces Request for Proposals and Scorecards. Kathy helps keep customers happy and the administrative side of the business running smoothly. She's been a valued part of the team since 2016.

Michele Frizzell

Operations Specialist

Also an Operations Specialist at the EnergyLink, Michele comes with more than 30 years of experience supporting sales teams and executives in both small businesses and corporate America. Her role involves producing Request for Proposals and Scorecards. She works with Suppliers and examines Utility Invoices for usage, rates and tariffs. She has a passion for improving efficiency through technology and is an integral part of the team.

Vivian McGregor

Operations Specialist

Vivian is a important piece of The EnergyLink Operations team. Her knack for technology and spying critical details is paramount to customers. She researches utility invoice data and produces Request for Proposals and Scorecards. On a daily basis, she examines Utility and Supplier invoices for usage, rates and other pertinent information. Vivian is successful in assisting customers and improving The EnergyLink workflow.