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The Energy Link helps businesses save money by cutting energy costs. With years of experience in a number of different facets of the energy industry, we provide the tried and true experience that you can rely on regardless of the business environment.

We do this through helping you reduce your electric and natural gas costs. By making a study of the needs of your organization, we can develop a solid purchasing strategy that will save you money for years to come. And if the needs of your organization should change, we can help you stay ahead of the curve by refining your energy-cost-saving measures as well.

So many elements of business are constantly changing. With us, you’ve got someone you can rely on to make the best decisions as things change, not only in today’s business environment, but tomorrow’s as well.

We practice what we preach. Nothing is more important to us than building strong relationships with our clients, our partners, our employees and our community. Led by an outstanding senior management team with deep industry experience, we embody the values inherent in the solutions we provide. Our clients and the people who drive their business success come first. Whether we’re solving a client’s problem or raising money for a worthy cause, our corporate culture centers on doing things correctly, clearly and honestly. As a result, our clients find us very easy to work with.

 Value #1: We Are Efficient
“Thank you for the above and beyond effort. We are so grateful to have you as our best in class partner and look forward to a long relationship”
Manager of Ancillary Services Prometheus Real Estate Group Inc.
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Our whole business is based on saving you money. We are confident that we can help you save a considerable amount of money with minimal disruption to your life or your business. We avoid the heavy-handed sales pitch and extra fanfare you might expect, and we will not try to sell you something you do not need.

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